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Imóvel Floripa - Consultoria Imobiliária Internacional, the latest tool for you that will guide you to find your Real Estate in Florianópolis. Using this homepage you will discover the Real Estate you always have been dreaming of:  Houses, Apartments, Plots of land, board and lodgings and cottages. Lots of various options are available.


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The town.

Florianópolis is called one of the most beautiful towns of Brazil and of the whole world as well. This is the opinion of many inhabitants and of the tourists that come to see the island. Based on her unique geography the town provides a perfect mixture of busy and quiet life. There are build-up areas but on the other hand totally uninhabited areas as well. The latter can be reached by footpaths or by boat only. Furthermore Florianópolis is the Brazilian capital with the highest IDH (Index for human development), which reflects the quality of life of her inhabitants.

The capital of Santa Catarina is divided into two parts: the island, which is also called „Island of Santa Catarina“, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and the part on the continental. The Island and the continental are connected by three bridges. The total area is stretched about 436.5 square kilometers where more or less 400.000 people are living. Besides more than 100 beaches, which interrupt the coastline, there are many more beauty-spots that are enriching the natural scenario of the town-ship: steep-coasts, thickets like jungles, mangroves, dunes, lakes, waterfalls and offshore islands.

Because of the luxuriant beauty-spots the tourism has taken over the driving part of the economical motor. The North of the Island was the pacemaker in relation to the development of tourism. There you can find the largest and best equipped network of hotels. On the East Coast there are those beaches that have got free access to the open sea. Ideal places to practice sports like surf-riding and surfing. In the South of the Island there are bays with quiet beaches, which are explored less than the other ones. They will invite you to a contemplative staying. Last but not least Lagoa da Conceição has to be mentioned, which is located in the middle of the island on the eastern side.

This place is well-known for its busy nightlife and the lake which has got an access to the open sea is very popular for all kinds of water-sports.There are lots of other activities like: commerce, public services, finishing industry, outer wear, information technology, fishing and the breeding of oysters and mussels. These activities are stimulating the economy of Florianópolis very well. Because of the quite rapid growth of the town the building industry can also be recognized as an economical factor. Florianópolis disposes of various universities and high-schools. The university UFSC is well-known in the whole world because of its status as an élite-university.